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What is the key requirement for officers when they are off-duty?

They must remain respectful, ethical, and professional.

Which of the following is NOT allowed when officers are messing around?

Using lethal weapons.

What is the key requirement for how officers of all ranks must treat each other?

They must treat each other fairly and with respect, and not speak down to or ill-treat other officers.

What is the only exception to the requirement of following commands from higher-ranking officers?

Commands that are unethical or involve corruption.

What is the key requirement for all police officers regarding the uniform guidelines?

They must follow the uniform guideline that is enforced for all ranks.

What action will be taken if a police officer is found to be in possession of PD issued equipment (besides radio, badge, gun, flashlight) when not on duty?

They will be given a strike.

What is the consequence for a police officer who is found to be clocked in while in the city and off duty?

They will be given a strike.

What is the punishment for a commissioned police officer who patrols alone when it is deemed reasonable for their duties?

No punishment.

What is the consequence for a police officer found to have disclosed sensitive/confidential police information negligently to an unauthorized person?


What is one of the factors considered for rank promotions within the Police Department?

Performance and integrity of the officer.

Test your knowledge on the Statement of Values and Code of Conduct that police officers must adhere to. Understand the expectations for behavior, ethics, and professionalism, both on and off duty. Learn about the importance of treating fellow officers with respect and fairness.

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