Poisonous Properties of Arsenic

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What is the characteristic of arsenic in its metal form?

It is insoluble in water

Which of the following compounds of arsenic is tasteless?

Arsenious oxide

Which compounds of arsenic are sulphides?

As2S3 and As2S2

What is the term used to describe arsenic?

The King of Poison

Which of the following compounds of arsenic are copper compounds?

Copper arsenite and copper acetoarsenite

What is the smallest dose of arsenic that can cause death?

100 mg

What is the time period for the fatal effects of arsenic in its narcotic form?

2-3 hrs

How is the patient treated after arsenic poisoning?

Removing the patient from further exposure and stomach washing

What is the antidote used to treat arsenic poisoning?

Freshly prepared FeCl3

What is the duration of administration of the antidote in water?

2-3 days

Study Notes


  • Metal arsenic is non-poisonous and insoluble in water (H2O)

Forms of Arsenic

  • Arsenious oxide (As2O3): tasteless, very poisonous
  • Sulphides of Arsenic: As2S3, As2S2

Compounds of Arsenic

  • Copper compounds: Copper arsenite, Copper acetoarsenite
  • Other compounds: Arsenate of Pb, arsenites of Na & K

Arsenic Poisoning

  • Fatal dose of arsenic: 120-200 mg
  • Minimum lethal dose: 100 mg
  • Time frame for fatality:
    • 2-3 hours when ingested in narcotic form
    • 12-24 hours when ingested in gastrointestinal (GI) form

Treatment for Arsenic Poisoning

  • Immediate removal of patient from further exposure
  • Stomach lavage with warm water (repeated washing)
  • Administration of an antidote: freshly prepared FeCl3 (ferric chloride)
  • Antidote reaction: forms ferric arsenite (a harmless salt)
  • Dosage: 1 tablespoon of antidote in water for 2-3 days

This quiz covers the different forms of arsenic, including its metal and compound forms, and their poisonous properties. Learn about the sources of arsenic, including arsenious oxide and copper compounds.

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