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What type of PMO provides project-related services to support a specific project or program as a temporary entity?

Project-Specific PMO/Project Office/Program Office

Which type of PMO is responsible for alignment of project and program work to corporate strategy?

Enterprise/Organization-wide/Strategic/Corporate/Portfolio/Global PMO

Which type of PMO provides project-related services to support a business unit or division within an organization?

Organizational Unit PMO/Business Unit PMO/Divisional PMO/Departmental PMO

Which type of PMO provides enabling processes to continuously support management of project, program, or portfolio work throughout the organization?

Project Support/Services/Controls Office or PMO

Which type of PMO is often responsible for establishing and ensuring appropriate enterprise governance?

Enterprise/Organization-wide/Strategic/Corporate/Portfolio/Global PMO

Test your knowledge of PMO (Project Management Office) terminology and functions with this quiz. Explore the roles and responsibilities of various PMO units within an organization and their contributions to project management.

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