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What is the focus of the course on the Philippine Criminal Justice System?

Study of formal and informal components

How does criminal law differ from civil law?

Criminal law involves punishment for committing crimes, while civil law involves dispute resolution between individuals

What is the nature of criminal law as described in the text?

Prohibits conduct that threatens the public interest and imposes punishment for societal protection

What does the law define in the context of criminal law?

Acts that may lead to arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment

What is the foundation of the criminal justice system according to the text?

Criminal law

Study Notes

Focus of the Course on PH Criminal Justice System

  • The course focuses on the Philippine Criminal Justice System, covering its underlying principles, components, and processes.

Criminal Law vs Civil Law

  • Criminal law deals with crimes committed against the state or society, punishable by penalties such as imprisonment.
  • Civil law, on the other hand, resolves disputes between individuals or organizations, focusing on compensation or remedy.

Nature of Criminal Law

  • Criminal law is considered a branch of public law, as it involves the state's authority to regulate human behavior.
  • It is a set of rules that prohibit certain acts or omissions, punishable by the state.

Definition of Criminal Law

  • Criminal law defines crimes, including the act or omission, the mental state, and the circumstances that make a person liable for punishment.

Foundation of the Criminal Justice System

  • The foundation of the criminal justice system lies in the principle of accountability, where individuals are held responsible for their criminal actions.

Test your knowledge of the Philippine Criminal Justice System with this quiz. Explore the formal and informal components, mandates, processes, and interrelations within the administration of criminal justice. Gain insight into the basic principles, nature, and key aspects of the justice system in the Philippines.

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