Philippine Criminal Justice System: Law Enforcement Pillar

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What is the main purpose of establishing educational institutions in the Philippines according to the text?

To better train and educate law enforcers on the law

In what way does the Criminology course mold Filipino students?

By making them protectors and defenders of the country

Why is proper training essential for law enforcers, based on the information provided?

To prevent accidents or loss of life during arrests

What do specialized courses like Criminology aim to address?

Dealing with crime and criminals for prevention and punishment

How does the education system in the Philippines contribute to assisting the United Nations?

By creating World-class military graduates

What is the most controversial pillar in the Philippine criminal justice system?

Law enforcement

Why is proper documentation considered essential in law enforcement activities?

To prevent wrongful arrests

What can happen if a law enforcer does not know the proper procedure for apprehending a criminal?

The enforcer may face accountability for illegal actions

What is one consequence of a law enforcer lacking capability in carrying out investigations?

Inadmissible evidence in court

Why do prosecutors base their decision on whether probable cause exists on the records presented by law enforcers?

To determine the validity of an arrest

This quiz tests your knowledge on the first pillar of the Philippine criminal justice system, which is law enforcement. Learn about the role of law enforcement in maintaining peace and order, arresting criminals, and investigating crimes.

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