Philippine Colonial Execution Methods Quiz

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What was the method of execution used for the three friar's priests in 1872 for exposing the church's venalities?


Which form of execution was employed to sentence Drug Lord Lim Seng to death during Martial Law?


What type of execution did Yamashita, the famous tiger of Malaysia, face in 1946?


Which execution method has been performed using the Muntinlupa electric chair for over four decades?

Lethal Injection

What is the form of execution where the condemned person is pelted with stones?


What method of execution involves tying a convict to a pole and setting them on fire alive?

Burning at stake

Which method of execution involves using a sword instead of an axe for decapitation?


What is the manner of execution where the offender is thrown into a den with lions?

Feeding to the lions

In what form of execution is the convict nailed on a cross with hands and feet, and Roman pears are thrust into his flesh?


What method of execution involves inserting the neck of the culprit into a wooden frame, usually executed in public?


Test your knowledge on Philippine history by identifying various execution methods during the colonial period, including garrote, musketry, and beheading. Learn about historical figures like the GOMBURZA priests, Dr. Jose Rizal, and the use of the samurai sword in executions.

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