Personality Theories: Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory

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What emotional experiences can the Superego offer?

Pride and self-respect

What is the function of the Superego's Conscience?

Punish wrong actions with guilt and regret

Which feeling may arise when the Ego fails to meet the Superego's standard of perfection?


What are the three elements that compose personality according to Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory?

The id, the ego, and the superego

What does Freud believe produces anxiety according to the text?

Struggle between biological drives and social inhibitions

Which part of personality follows the pleasure principle and includes instinctive and primitive behaviors?

The id

Which of the following best describes denial according to the context?

Refusing to recognize an obvious truth

What is the role of the id in personality development according to Freud?

Ensure an infant's basic needs are met

What is one primary purpose of denial as mentioned in the text?

Reduce anxiety and pain

Which element of personality is entirely unconscious and has no objective knowledge of reality?

The id

What is the primary function of the id according to Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory?

Drive the organism toward pleasure

Which part of the personality struggles to dominate the individual's overall behavior?

The id

Which defense mechanism involves explaining an unacceptable behavior in a rational or logical manner?


In Freud's psychosexual development stages, which stage is characterized by primary interaction through the mouth?

Oral Stage

Which defense mechanism involves behaving in a way opposite to one's true feelings?

Reaction Formation

At what age range does the Oral Stage of Freud's psychosexual development occur?

0-2 years old

Which defense mechanism involves reverting to earlier behavior patterns when faced with stressful events?


According to Freud, what is the primary conflict during the Oral Stage of psychosexual development?

Weaning process

What term did Freud use to describe the fear a child has of being punished by the father for certain feelings?

Castration Anxiety

According to Freud, what is the term used to describe the similar set of feelings experienced by young girls as compared to the Oedipus Complex in boys?

Penis Envy

During the latency stage (6-12 years old), what is one of the main characteristics according to the text?

Absence of a dominant erogenous zone

What is the main focus during the genital stage (12 years and up) in terms of interest?

Welfare of others

In the Oedipus Complex for girls (Electra Complex), what did Freud believe was never fully resolved for girls according to the text?

Penis Envy

Which stage is crucial for the development of social and communication skills, self-confidence, and a shift from individual needs to caring for the welfare of others?

Latency Stage

What is the primary focus of the libido during the anal stage?

Controlling bladder and bowel movements

What conflict arises during the anal stage, according to Freud?

Toilet training

What personality type can develop from inappropriate parental responses during the anal stage?

Messy, wasteful, or destructive

What pleasure gratification shift occurs during the phallic stage?

Gratification from genital region activities

What complex describes the stage where young boys see their fathers as rivals?

Oedipus Complex

What negative outcome can result from parents being too strict or starting toilet training too early during the anal stage?

An anal-retentive personality

Explore Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality, which includes the id, ego, and superego. Learn about the structural model of personality and the totality of individual psychic qualities.

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