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Which term refers to the responsibility for designing the work system to be used in performing an interrelated set of tasks?

Organization structure and design

What does job specialization refer to?

The degree to which the overall task of the organization is broken down and divided into smaller component parts

What are the benefits of job specialization?

Workers performing small, simple tasks will become very proficient at each task

What is an alternative to job specialization?

Job enrichment

What does functional departmentalization involve?

Grouping jobs together based on similar functions or tasks

Study Notes

Work System Design

  • Work system design refers to the responsibility for designing the system to be used in performing an interrelated set of tasks.

Job Specialization

  • Job specialization refers to the process of breaking down a larger job into smaller, more specialized tasks, allowing employees to concentrate on a specific aspect of the job.

Benefits of Job Specialization

  • Job specialization increases efficiency, as employees become more skilled and proficient in their tasks.
  • It also leads to higher productivity, as employees focus on a specific task and can complete it more quickly.

Alternative to Job Specialization

  • Job rotation is an alternative to job specialization, where employees are rotated through different tasks or jobs to gain a broader range of skills and experiences.

Functional Departmentalization

  • Functional departmentalization involves organizing employees into departments based on the functions they perform, such as marketing, finance, or human resources.
  • Each department is responsible for a specific function, and employees within that department work together to achieve the department's goals.

Test your knowledge of organization structure and design with this quiz! Learn about the basic elements of organizing, responsibility for designing work systems, and the importance of departmentalization and job specialization. Perfect for first-year students studying organization behavior and management.

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