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What is the function of afferent neurons in the nervous system?

Receive sensory input and transmit it towards the central nervous system

Where are the cell bodies of efferent neurons typically located?

Central nervous system

Which class of neurons represents the majority of neurons in the human body?


What is the main role of neuroglia cells in the central nervous system?

Protect nervous tissue and provide nutrition

Which part of the neuron is responsible for most of the input to the neuron?


What is the metabolic center of the neuron?

Cell body

Which type of neuron carries sensory information towards the central nervous system?

Afferent neuron

What is the structural and functional unit of the nervous system?


What type of synapses depend on the type of signaling used by neurons?

Chemical synapses

In neuron communication, what kind of signaling is used between neurons by synapses transmission?

Chemical signaling

What ions play a main role in the mechanism of Action Potential AP?

Sodium and Potassium ions

During neuron stimulation, which channels open faster allowing ions influx into the cell?

Voltage-gated Na channels

Test your knowledge on the classification of synapses and neurons in the human nervous system. Learn about different types of synapses and the functions of afferent neurons in the peripheral nervous system.

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