Neuron Classification and Synapse Types

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What is the percentage of neurons in the human CNS that interneurons are estimated to include?


What type of neurons have long axons that transmit nerve impulses from the CNS to a muscle or gland?

Motor neurons

What is the characteristic of the axon in sensory neurons?

Unipolar in structure

Which type of neurons are generally multipolar or anaxonic in structure?


What is the characteristic of mature neurons in terms of cell division?

They have a low capacity for cell division

What type of neurons are responsible for establishing relationships among other neurons and forming complex functional networks?


What is the characteristic feature of Multipolar neurons?

Three or more processes coming off the soma

What type of neuron has a single process that splits into two branches?

Pseudounipolar neuron

What type of synapse occurs between axons and dendrites?


What is the characteristic feature of Anaxonic neurons?

They have many dendrites but no true axon

What type of neuron has a single short dendrite terminating in a brush-like tuft?

Unipolar brush cell

What type of synapse occurs between dendrites?


What is the function of Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system?

To increase the speed of impulse propagation

What is unique about the axon hillock?

It is the site of action potential generation

What is the function of dendrites?

To propagate electrochemical stimulation to the cell body

What is the initial segment of the axon?

The unmyelinated part of the axon

What organelle is lacking in axons?

Golgi complex

What is outside the myelin sheath?

The neurilemma

Learn about the different types of neurons and synapses, including their structure and classification. This quiz covers multipolar neurons, axodendritic synapses, and more.

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