Neurons and Synapses Overview

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What is the main function of the axon in a neuron?

Carrying impulses away from the cell body

Which cells are responsible for CNS myelination?


What is the role of synapses in neural communication?

Transmitting information from one neuron to another

During the refractory period of a neuron, what is happening?

The neuron is at rest and cannot generate another action potential

Which type of glial cells are responsible for injury repair in the nervous system?

Microglial cells

What happens during a neural impulse with regard to ions?

Positively and negatively charged ions flow back and forth across the cell membrane

What is the main function of dendrites in a neuron?

Receive information and send it towards the cell body/soma

What is the purpose of the myelin sheath in a neuron?

Speed up transmission of impulses

What is the function of the nucleus in a neuron?

Contains genetic material instructions

Where does the information move from in a neuron to the soma?

Axon to dendrites

Which part of a neuron contains chemicals common to most cells?

Cell body/soma

In a neuron, where does the vast majority of communication occur?

Between synapses

What is the function of the synapse in neural communication?

To communicate signals between neurons

During the absolute refractory period, what occurs?

The neuron is unable to fire another action potential

What triggers the release of neurotransmitters at the axon's terminal button?

Arrival of an action potential

What effect can be produced at the receiving synapse as a result of neural communication?

Increase in the chances of firing an action potential

What does the relative refractory period indicate about the firing of a neuron?

The firing of the neuron requires more intense stimulation

What is the function of the postsynaptic neuron in neural communication at synapses?

To receive signals from the presynaptic neuron

Learn about neurons, axon terminals, synapses, and glial cells in the nervous system. Understand the functions of these components and how they work together to transmit information within the brain.

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