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Which of the following is a key cause of dental disorders in rabbits?

Suboptimal calcium content in food

Why is radiography recommended in rabbit dentistry?

To identify tooth or teeth for removal

When should a full radiographic evaluation be obtained in rabbit dentistry?

When there is head abscessation or chronic dacryocystitis

What is the purpose of obtaining lateral views in rabbit dentistry?

To assess crown length and apposition pattern

In which cases is it wise to obtain a radiographic evaluation in rabbit dentistry?

When there is head abscessation or chronic dacryocystitis

Which of the following is the main aim of dental treatment for rabbits?

To restore the normal occlusal anatomy of the teeth

What is the recommended tool for removing larger, thicker spurs in rabbits?

Powered dental burring tools

What is the best course of action for treating abscesses in rabbits?

Full surgical resection

What is the recommended method for trimming incisors in rabbits?

Using cutting discs on hobby powerdrills

What is the most common cause of ocular discharges in rabbits?


Which species are particularly benefited by pharmaceutical mists?

Rabbits, rats, birds, and reptiles

What is one advantage of pharmaceutical mists?

They rapidly achieve high tissue concentrations where required

What can pharmaceutical mists do to the respiratory tract?

Rehydrate it

Where can pharmaceutical mists be obtained from?

Pharmacists, Internet retailers, etc.

What are the health and safety concerns in producing pharmaceutical mists?

They can cause systemic toxicity

Which of the following is a common cause of chronic dacryocystitis in rabbits?

Incisor tooth root pathology

What is the recommended treatment for primary conjunctivitis in rabbits?

Flushing of the tear ducts

Which antibiotic is the most widely used for rabbits due to its licensed status and lack of tendency to induce antibiotic associated colitis?


Where is the best location for intramuscular injection in rabbits?

Lumbar spine

What is the purpose of nebulization in veterinary medicine?

To deliver drugs to the bronchioles and alveoli

Test your knowledge on primary conjunctivitis and its causes, including scratches from other animals or spiky straw. Learn about the potential complications such as severe uveitis and discover why eye drops may not be effective in treating tear duct pathology. Find out the recommended treatments, including flushing of the tear ducts and antibiotic instillation. Take the quiz now and become an expert in primary conjunctivitis management.

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