Mastering Exercise Program Design Variables

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Which variable describes the amount of exercise within a specific time period, and can be measured in terms of total repetitions or volume load?


Which variable is determined by the number of repetitions per set, number of sets per session, and the number of sessions per week, and can be classified into low, moderate, and high ranges?


Which variable refers to a group of consecutive repetitions, with a general guideline of 2-4 sets per exercise?


Which variable is determined by the repetition maximum (RM) and represents the maximum weight that can be lifted for a specific number of correct repetitions?


Which variable refers to the speed of repetitions and can be divided into eccentric, isometric, and concentric contractions?


Test your knowledge on exercise program design variables such as volume and repetitions with this quiz! Learn about the factors that determine the amount of exercise and the prescribed number of repetitions per set. Challenge yourself and become an expert in creating effective exercise programs.

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