Master the Art of Encoding and Recoding

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What was Simon Reinhard's record in the 'forward digit span' task?

240 digits

What was the purpose of the first phase in Simon Reinhard's performance?

To test Simon's ability to recall 10 random digits

Why were the first phone numbers limited to 7 digits?

To match the normal memory span for adults

Which stage of memory involves perceiving and learning information?


What is the term used to describe the false recognition of a face?

False recognition

What is the key to remembering events according to psychologists?


What term is used to describe vivid memories of finding out important news?

Flashbulb memory

Which type of memory refers to the ability to remember the episodes of our lives?

Episodic memory

What type of memory is our storehouse of more-or-less permanent knowledge?

Semantic memory

Which stage of the memory process involves maintaining information over time?


What type of memory-loss is associated with Alzheimer's disease?

Episodic memory

Which process involves taking information and converting it in a way that we can make sense of it?


What is the purpose of recoding during encoding?

To remember information

What is the main idea behind good encoding strategies?

To form distinctive memories

What is the term used to describe the physical change in the nervous system that represents our experience?


Which process in memory did Endel Tulving argue is the key process?


Why is retrieval given more prominence than encoding or storage?

Because information that cannot be retrieved is useless

What is the encoding specificity principle?

The principle that retrieval cues should match or overlap the memory trace of an experience

What are the two critical conditions for maximizing cue effectiveness?

Cues should be meaningful and associated with other memories

What mnemonic technique involves creating a sentence using the first letter of each nerve in order?

The peg word technique

What does the peg word technique help you remember?


What is the purpose of the memory palaces in Simon Reinhard's system?

To store images for digits

How does Simon Reinhard remember a shuffled deck of cards in the speed cards event?

By encoding groups of cards as single images

Test your knowledge on the process of encoding and recoding with this quiz! Learn how information is converted into a format that we can understand and remember, like using acronyms to recall the colors of a rainbow. Explore the fascinating world of encoding and recoding in this quiz.

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