Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations - Chapter 1

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What is the main focus of the course 'Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations'?

Marketing development strategies for NPOs

When is the Project Presentation day for the course?


What is the total weightage of the Final Exam in the course?


Who is the T.A. for the course 'Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations'?

Dr. Noha Sleem

What is the main focus of the Project in this course?

Marketing development strategies for NGO

Which of the following is NOT a criterion in the marking scheme for the marketing project?

Using Arial font for paragraphs and titles

What will happen if there is an absence of any group member during the marketing project?

50% of the grade will be deducted

What will result in an F Grade according to the marking scheme?


What is a non-profit organization (NPO) dedicated to?

Promoting a specific social cause or advocacy

What font style is required for titles and paragraphs according to the marking scheme?

Times New Roman for titles and paragraphs

Successful Marketing Strategies for NPO is the focus of Chapter 2.


The midterm-exam covers the topics of Direct Marketing for NPO and NP Sector’s Role in Poverty Reduction.


The final exam carries the highest weightage, accounting for 40% of the total marks.


Dr. Khaled Said Salem is the presenter for the course 'Marketing for Not-For-Profit Organizations - Fall 2023'.


The project presentation day for Chapter 5 is also the day for revision for the final exam.


The T.A. for the course 'Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations' is Dr. Noha Sleem.


Test your knowledge on marketing for nonprofit organizations with this quiz focusing on Chapter 1. Topics include marketing strategies, audience engagement, and communication for nonprofit entities.

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