Management Roles

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Which role involves motivating and inspiring employees?


Which roles involve building relationships with people inside and outside the organization?

Liaison and Spokesperson

Which role involves dealing with unexpected events?

Disturbance handler

Which role involves identifying new opportunities and taking risks?


Which role involves allocating resources to different activities?

Resource allocator

What is the primary focus of Maslow's 'Toward a Psychology of Being'?

Exploring the principles of human motivation and personality

Which author is credited with the concept of 'Re-engage' in the context of management?


What is the main idea behind Weber's Theory of impersonal management?

Management should be impersonal, with a focus on rules and regulations

What is the primary focus of Fayol's management principles?

Planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling

What is the main idea behind the Human Relations Management Theory?

Management should focus on building relationships with people inside and outside the organization

Identify the different roles a manager plays in an organization, including figurehead, leader, liaison, monitor, disseminator, spokesperson, and entrepreneur.

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