Management of Psychological Effects of Disaster Group 1

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What is the primary goal of the Mental Health Response Team (MHRT)?

To mitigate the psychological impact of crises

How do MHRTs promote resilience among survivors?

By equipping individuals with coping skills and emotional resources

What does stabilizing individuals in crisis entail for MHRTs?

Offering immediate psychological aid

In the context of disaster management, what role do MHRTs play?

Offering emotional support and coping skills

What is the responsibility of the MHRT Team Leader/Coordinator?

Facilitating communication among team members

How do MHRTs contribute to comprehensive disaster management efforts?

By focusing on addressing mental health needs of those affected

What is the main responsibility of Crisis Intervention Specialists?

Providing immediate support and psychological first aid

Which role focuses on conducting psychoeducation for community members?

Community Outreach Specialists

What is the primary task of Administrative Support within the mental health response team?

Managing paperwork, scheduling, and logistical operations

Which activity is NOT a responsibility of Clinical Staff within MHRTs?

Promoting self-care practices among team members

What is a key aspect of the Cross-disciplinary Collaboration role within MHRTs?

Coordinating care with medical teams and emergency services

Which role focuses on promoting self-care practices to prevent burnout?

Self-care and Peer Support

What is one of the main objectives of Mental Health Response Teams?

Collaborating with emergency services in crisis response

Which activity falls under the responsibility of Mental Health Response Teams as mentioned in the text?

Coordinating transport in emergency situations

In what way can Mental Health Response Teams contribute to reducing stigma related to mental health issues?

Offering education programs to increase awareness

What role do Mental Health Response Teams play in promoting resilience within communities?

Conducting continuous training on disaster mental health principles

How do Mental Health Response Teams support crisis prevention according to the text?

Providing crisis prevention planning and intervention services

What is a key aspect of the evaluation and improvement process for Mental Health Response Teams as outlined in the text?

Conducting regular disaster preparedness drills and exercises

Explore the role of Mental Health Response Team (MHRT) in providing psychological support during and after emergencies, disasters, or crises. Learn how MHRTs help in mitigating the psychological impact of crises, promoting resilience, and facilitating recovery among survivors, responders, and the community.

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