Lysogenic Infection and Phage Induction Quiz

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Which type of virus is transmitted through sexual contact?

Sexually transmitted

Which type of virus is transmitted through the fecal-oral route?


Which type of virus is transmitted through vector organisms like arthropods?


What is the approximate diameter of the smallest viruses?

10 nanometer

What is the general strategy for phage replication in a productive infection?

New viral particles are produced

Which step of the animal virus replication cycle involves the binding of virus attachment proteins to receptors on the host cell surface?


During viral replication, which event involves the expression of viral genes to produce viral structural and catalytic genes?


Which replication strategy is used by RNA viruses?

RNA-directed RNA polymerase

Which step of the animal virus replication cycle involves the separation of nucleic acid from the protein coat?

Entry and Uncoating

Which type of virus can infect multiple species?

Reverse transcribing viruses

Which type of infection occurs when a prophage is excised by a phage-encoded enzyme?

Lytic infection

What can induce the excision of a prophage from a lysogen?

Ultraviolet light

Which protease is activated by the SOS repair system during phage induction?

Protease RecA

What is the consequence of lysogeny in terms of superinfection?

Immunity to superinfection

Which type of phage infection causes infected cells to slowly die?

Filamentous phage infection

Which of the following is true about viruses?

Viruses require live organisms as hosts

What is the composition of a virion?

Nucleic acid surrounded by a capsid

Which of the following is true about viral taxonomy?

Viral taxonomy includes eight principal ranks

What is the main characteristic used to classify viruses?

Genome structure

Which of the following routes can zoonotic viruses use to infect humans?

All of the above

Which enzyme is required for the replication of RNA viruses?

RNA polymerase

What is the role of the (+) strand in the replication of RNA viruses?

It is used as a template for synthesizing new (-) RNA strands

Which type of viruses carry RNRP to synthesize the (+) strand?

dsRNA viruses

What is the mechanism for variation in viruses that involves accumulation of mutations in genes coding for antibody-binding sites?

Antigenic drift

Which surface protein enables viral release from the cell?


Which scientist(s) determined that tobacco mosaic disease was caused by a 'filterable virus' too small to be seen with a light microscope?

D. M. Iwanowsky and Martinus Beijerinck

What is the term used to describe microorganisms that were identified as infectious agents?

Filterable virus

What was the year when tobacco mosaic disease was first identified?


What did the scientists use to determine that the infectious agent causing tobacco mosaic disease was too small to be seen with a light microscope?

Filters for bacteria

Who authored the textbook 'Nester's Microbiology A Human Perspective, Tenth Edition'?

Denise Anderson, Sarah Salm, Mira Beins

Test your knowledge on lysogenic infection and the process of phage induction with this quiz. Learn about the role of prophages, DNA-damaging agents, and the switch from latency to lytic cycle.

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