Logistics Distribution Network Nodes

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What do profitability ratios aim to assess?

A business's ability to generate earnings relative to various financial aspects over time

What is the main purpose of wholesaling in the supply chain process?

To buy goods at discounted prices from manufacturers and sell them at higher prices to retailers

What is the significance of using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in delivery logistics?

To determine if the delivery operations are efficient and successful

How can a business assess its success and efficiency in delivery operations according to the text?

By analyzing last-mile delivery KPIs

Which activity in the supply chain involves selling goods in smaller quantities at higher prices to consumers?


In supply chain logistics, what does the term 'last-mile delivery' refer to?

The final stage of delivering goods directly to end customers

What are the two main components of logistics distribution centers mentioned in the text?

Infrastructure and technology

How are logistics nodes classified based on their levels in the supply chain?

By the number of logistics centers in between

What is the purpose of a fast and reliable distribution network according to the text?

To increase profit margins

Which component is essential in understanding a Distribution Network strategic planning according to the text?


In a single-tier logistics node, what is the relationship between suppliers and customers?

Suppliers transport directly to customers

What does profit margins represent according to the text?

% of sales turned into profits

Learn about the nodes of a distribution network and how they are classified based on supply chain levels. Explore the logistics centers, infrastructure, transportation networks, and human resources involved in logistics nodes.

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