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Legislative Procedures in the EU: Week 1 Overview

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What year did the COMM acknowledge that principles like the separation of powers, loyal cooperation amongst institutions, and respect for the opposition or judicial independence have been undermined?


What is the primary purpose of the Justice Scoreboard?

To provide objective, reliable, and comparative data on justice systems in Member States

What is the connection between the Justice Scoreboard and the European Semester?

The European Semester uses data from the Justice Scoreboard to inform its analysis

What is the purpose of the 2014 Rule of Law Framework?

To address shortcomings of Treaty instruments responding to systemic threats to the rule of law

What is the focus of the Council's Rule of Law Dialogue?

Ensuring respect for the principle of conferred competences without duplicating the work of EU institutions

What is the purpose of judicial actions, such as C-791/19 – Commission v Poland?

To address systemic breaches of fundamental rights

What is the focus of the Rule of Law Cycle?

Improving understanding and awareness of issues and significant developments in areas with a direct bearing on the respect for the rule of law

What is the purpose of the conditionality mechanism?

To provide monetary incentives for compliance

What is the purpose of the European Semester analysis?

To provide specific country recommendations to improve judicial systems of Member States

What is the purpose of the Annual Rule of Law Dialogue?

To allow national governments to discuss rule-of-law related issues within the Council

What does the European Semester analysis lead to when RoL shortcomings have a macroeconomic impact?

Specific country recommendations to improve judicial systems

Why did the Council establish the Rule of Law Dialogue in December 2014?

To address concerns of some MSs regarding the rule of law

What action can the Commission take if a Member State fails to address RoL recommendations after a dialogue?

Propose art.7 TEU proceedings

What is the key purpose of the Rule of Law Framework adopted by the Commission in 2014?

To strengthen Treaty instruments on infringement

How did the EU's RoL Toolbox evolve in 2013?

Through the launch of the Justice Scoreboard

What is the aim of monetary incentives for compliance within the Rule of Law framework?

To enforce rule of law standards through financial measures

What can be a consequence if a Member State is found to have a systemic breach of fundamental rights?

Initiation of infringement proceedings by the Commission

Why is efficient and independent justice institutions considered crucial for an attractive business environment?

To promote speedy dispute resolution and contract enforcement

What action has made the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) a leading voice in combating rule of law backsliding?

Handling legal actions like C-791/19 – Commission v Poland

What is one of the focus areas of the Rule of Law Cycle as proposed by the Communication 'Strengthening the rule of law within the Union'?

Improving awareness and understanding of issues relevant to RoL

Learn about the legislative procedures in the European Union, focusing on the Ordinary Legislative Procedure. Explore the historical development from pre-Lisbon treaties to the current Lisbon Treaty, highlighting key changes and the roles of the European Parliament, European Commission, and the Council.

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