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What institution adopted the Rule of Law Framework in 2014?

European Commission

Which action can the Commission take if a Member State fails to address Rule of Law recommendations?

Address Rule of Law recommendations to the Member State

Which Court case involved a systemic breach of fundamental rights concerning the disciplinary regime for judges in Poland?

C-791/19 – Commission v Poland

What is the purpose of the Rule of Law Cycle communication 'Strengthening the rule of law within the Union, A blueprint for action'?

To focus on improving understanding and awareness related to rule of law

Which action led to the imposition of sanctions and fines on a Member State?

The infringement process initiated by the Commission

Which entity is conceiving the Rule of Law Cycle as an additional and comprehensive Rule of Law mechanism?

European Commission

What impact do efficient and independent justice institutions have according to the European Commission?

Increase in trust and stability which contribute to an attractive business environment

Which event led to the major and rapid evolution of the EU's Rule of Law Toolbox?

Acknowledgement of undermined principles in 2019

What institution allows national governments to discuss rule-of-law related issues within it?

Council of the European Union

What does the infringement process initiated by the Commission involve?

Sanctioning Member States for non-compliance

Test your knowledge on the history of legislative procedures in the EU, including developments from the Treaty of Rome to the Lisbon Treaty. Learn about the roles of the European Parliament, European Commission, and the Council in decision-making processes.

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