Kids Vocabulary Test on Nouns, Weather, and Antonyms

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Match the following words with their corresponding category:

adventure = Activity fish = Animal branch = Nature shrimp = Food

Match the following weather-related words with their effects:

hail = Ice falling from the sky fog = Reduced visibility snowstorm = Heavy snowfall lightning = Electrical discharge in the sky

Match the following words with their antonyms:

salty = Sweet warm = Cold find = Lose land = Sea

Match the following words with their definitions:

current = Flow of water or air castaway = Person stranded in a remote place flotation = Ability to float inflatable = Capable of being filled with air

Match the following words with their meanings:

promote = Advocate for or support something pro-education = In favor of education propeller = Device that propels a vehicle forward progress = Forward movement or development

Study Notes

Word Work (Regular-Irregular Nouns)

  • Identifying and completing words related to nouns (e.g. adventure, fish, branch, shrimp, goose)
  • Focusing on regular and irregular nouns on pages 102 and 103


  • Completing sentences with weather-related words (hail, fog, snowstorm, lightning, flood) on page 132
  • Using vocabulary in context to understand sentence meaning


  • Arranging words according to their opposites (e.g. salty, warm, find, land, alone) on page 148
  • Understanding antonyms to improve vocabulary and comprehension


  • Matching words with their definitions (e.g. current, castaway, flotation, inflatable, vessel) on page 149
  • Building vocabulary through understanding word meanings

Building Vocabulary

  • Completing sentences with vocabulary related to "pro-" words (e.g. promote, pro-education, propeller, progress, propose) on page 182
  • Using context clues to understand word meanings and relationships

This test covers regular and irregular nouns, weather vocabulary, and antonyms for kids. Students will complete words based on pictures, choose words to complete sentences, and arrange words in antonym pairs.

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