Introduction to Digital Radiography

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What falls within the domain of information technology in digital radiography?

Image processing, display, and storage

What technology has replaced film-screen radiography?

Computed Radiography (CR)

What is the area of study and practice referred to as when information technology is applied to digital radiography?

Medical Imaging Informatics

According to the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), which technology is used in digital radiography for producing digital projection images?

Photostimulable Storage Phosphor (Computed Radiography, CR)

Which technology is not mentioned in the definition of digital radiography provided by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)?

Digital Image Processing

What are the major technical components of a digital radiography system?

Data acquisition, computer data processing, image display and postprocessing

Which imaging modality is used in processing digital data for a conventional fluoroscopic imaging system?

Digital fluoroscopy

What is the primary purpose of digital image processing in radiology?

To enhance diagnostic interpretation and management of acquired images

Which imaging modality involves the use of a collection of technologies for image archiving and communication?

Picture archiving and communication system

What is the main difference between indirect flat-panel and direct flat-panel digital radiography detectors?

The presence or absence of an intermediate layer

What is the first step in the production of a computed radiography (CR) image?

Acquiring patient data

Which component is NOT a part of the major technical components of a digital radiography system?

Analog image processing

What is the function of digital mammography in imaging systems?

To produce images specifically for mammographic examinations

Which step follows the acquisition of patient data in the production of a computed radiography (CR) image?

'Processing digital data using a computer'

Learn about the transition from film-screen radiography to digital radiography, including digital image acquisition modalities, processing, display, storage, and communication. Explore the technologies that have replaced traditional radiographic imaging.

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