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How are end systems connected to edge routers in the Internet structure?

All of the above

Which type of physical media allows signals to propagate in solid media like copper and fiber?

Guided Media

How is data transmitted through the network core in the Internet structure?

Packet switching

Which type of internet connection is dedicated solely to an individual user?

A dedicated internet connection

What type of performance does circuit switching provide?

Circuit-like (guaranteed) performance

In which type of access network do signals propagate freely, e.g., radio?

Unguided Media

What is the program that displays the route from source to destination and measures the delay from source to each router along the end-end Internet path?


What is the process in packet-switching where hosts break application-layer messages into packets and each packet is transmitted at full link capacity?

Store and forward

What is the unit of measurement for the rate at which bits are being sent from sender to receiver?


In circuit switching, what happens to the reserved channels before sending data?

They can't be used by any other ongoing communication

Which type of multiplexing involves dividing time into slots and allows each call to use as much capacity as needed during its specific time slot?

Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)

What type of delay takes L/R seconds to transmit a packet at R bps?

Transmission Delay

What type of delay represents the time it takes for a packet to propagate through a physical link?

Propagation Delay (dprop)

Which process involves breaking application-layer messages into packets and transmitting each packet at full link capacity?


Test your knowledge of internet structure and access networks, including how end systems connect to edge routers and the different types of access networks such as residential, institutional, and mobile.

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