Internal Mechanical Barriers and Pathogen Protection

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What is the function of healthy mucous membranes and skin as barriers?

To stop pathogens from entering the body

What prevents bacterial growth in skin secretions?

Sebum containing compounds harmful to bacteria

Which enzyme is responsible for eliminating bacteria in saliva and lacrimal fluid?


What is the main function of phagocytes in the body?

To kill pathogens that manage to get past the mechanical barriers

What is sometimes considered as a general defensive reaction in the body?


Which substance helps in killing pathogens and repairing tissues as part of the body's second line of defense?

Chemical compounds and phagocytes

What is the function of natural killer cells?

Patrol the body's blood and lymphatic system and kill cancer cells and virus-infected bodily cells

What is the role of the lysosome?

Break down or digest the vacuole's contents when it fuses with its enzymatic components

What is chemotaxis related to?

White blood cells

Which type of cells can contribute to the inflammation brought on by allergic responses?


What are the Five Cardinal Signs and Major Symptoms of Inflammation?

Redness, heat, swelling, loss of function, and fever

Which cells are put in place at potential entry points for bacteria into tissues?


What occurs every time bodily tissues are injured?

Inflammatory response

What is the role of membrane mucous according to the text?

Acts as a robust physical barrier to microorganisms on the skin when it is intact

What are natural killer cells able to recognize and react against?

Tumor cells and virus-infected cells

What is the function of white blood cells according to the text?

Travel in the direction of pathogens or areas of tissue injury

Test your knowledge on the role of healthy mucous membranes and skin as internal mechanical barriers against pathogens. Learn about the protective functions of urine, saliva, tears, sebum, and other bodily secretions in preventing microbial entry into the body.

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