Instructional Strategies Overview

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What does planning instruction involve?

Deciding what to teach, how to teach, and communicating realistic expectations

What are the components of an instructional system?

Objective, teacher, students, instructional material, instructional strategy, instructional media, administration, and financial factor

What does teaching strategy refer to in the instructional system?

Accurate planning about activities to achieve specific purpose

What is the difference between teaching and learning?

Teaching means giving instruction; learning means an effort to gain knowledge and skills

What does instruction consist of if all students were at the same level with clear goals?

Doing the same things with all students in the right order at the right time

Study Notes

Planning Instruction

  • Planning instruction involves determining the learning objectives, selecting the learning experiences, and organizing the instructional materials to achieve the desired learning outcomes.
  • It involves identifying the learning tasks, allocating time and resources, and establishing the assessment criteria to measure student learning.

Instructional System

  • An instructional system consists of several components that work together to facilitate learning, including:
    • Learning objectives: specifying what students are expected to learn
    • Learning experiences: activities and materials designed to help students achieve the learning objectives
    • Instructional materials: resources used to support learning, such as textbooks, worksheets, and multimedia
    • Assessment and evaluation: methods used to measure student learning and progress

Teaching Strategy

  • Teaching strategy refers to the approaches and methods used by instructors to facilitate student learning, such as:
    • Direct instruction: explicit teaching of skills and knowledge
    • Problem-based learning: encouraging students to solve real-world problems
    • Collaborative learning: promoting student interaction and teamwork

Teaching vs. Learning

  • Teaching refers to the actions and activities of the instructor to facilitate learning, whereas:
    • Learning refers to the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and attitudes by the students
  • The focus of teaching is on the instructor, while the focus of learning is on the student

Instruction with Clear Goals

  • If all students were at the same level with clear goals, instruction would consist of:
    • Providing targeted instruction and support to help students achieve the learning objectives
    • Using a variety of teaching strategies to cater to different learning styles and needs
    • Continuously assessing and adjusting instruction to ensure students are on track to meet the learning objectives

Explore the concept of instructional strategies and their role in the systematic presentation of knowledge. Understand how teaching and instruction are interconnected in providing a comprehensive learning experience.

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