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What type of decisions are made regarding the organizational design?

Structure, hiring practices, vendor policies

What is the main driving force behind the decisions made in IS strategy and organizational design?

Firm's business objectives, strategies, tactics

How do successful firms design their organizational and IS strategy in relation to their business strategy?

To complement their business strategy

In the context of IS implementation, what is essential to avoid harmful unintended consequences?

Considering business and organizational strategies

What does it mean for a company to be in alignment according to the text?

Current and emerging business strategy enabled and supported by technology

What are the two higher goals of alignment mentioned in the text?

Synchronization and Convergence

Which statement best describes the essence of strategy as per the text?

Strategy is about setting limits on what the business aims to achieve.

What does a mission entail according to the text?

A compelling statement unifying the organization's effort and describing its purpose.

How is a business model different from a business strategy based on the text?

A business model is a company's path to achieving goals, while a strategy is the blueprint of how a company does business.

What drives the construction of a business strategy according to the text?

Customer demands, market forces, and organizational capabilities

Test your knowledge about the Information Systems Strategy Triangle, how it relates to business strategy, IS strategy, and organizational strategy within a firm.

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