IS Definitions in Information Systems

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What is the main purpose of an information system in business organizations?

To collect and retrieve data for analysis

Which of the following is considered as part of the technology component of an information system?


What are the functional units of business organizations responsible for maximizing profit?


In the manufacturing and production function, what are the three stages of the production process?

Inbound logistics, production, outbound logistics

What is the main responsibility of the sales and marketing function in business organizations?

Finding customers and selling the firm's products or services

What does the acronym IS stand for in the context of business organizations?

Information System

What is the primary responsibility of the finance and accounting function in a business?

Managing the firm's financial assets

What is the role of the human resource function in a firm?

Attracting and developing the firm's work force

What is the role of information systems in serving customers well?

Tracking customer preferences and customizing environment

How do information systems contribute to improved decision making in business?

Provide managers with real-time data on customer complaints and network performance

What does the term 'business model' refer to?

Describes how a company produces, delivers, and sells a product or service to create wealth

In what way do information systems contribute to operational excellence?

Improvement of efficiency to attain higher profitability

Learn about the definitions and perspectives of Information Systems (IS) and how they facilitate planning, control, coordination, analysis, and decision making in business organizations. Explore the Input-process-output and People-organization-technology perspectives with an example of Choice Hotels reservation system.

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