Impacts of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

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What is a potential concern related to the use of genetically modified bacteria in producing human insulin?

There is a risk of antibiotic resistance genes transferring to harmful bacteria.

What is one of the health concerns associated with consuming genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

Potential allergenicity and toxicity.

What is a benefit of using GM yeast in the production of biofuels?

Enhanced biofuel yield and quality.

How might the manipulation of seed prices by large agricultural suppliers affect subsistence farmers?

Tying subsistence farmers to unfair pricing practices.

What is a potential concern regarding the use of GM food with pesticide residues?

Potential allergen exposure from pesticide residues.

What environmental benefit is associated with using biofuels compared to traditional fossil fuels?

Reduced carbon footprint of biofuels.

What is a well-known mycoprotein product mentioned in the text?


Which organism is commonly used to produce mycoproteins through fermentation?

Fusarium venenatum

What percentage of the global population is estimated to be vegetarian or vegan?

5% to 10%

What is the primary feedstock used for commercially producing mycoproteins through fermentation?

Glucose and salts

Which process allows for the transfer of genes between totally unrelated species?

Genetic modification

From a nutrition perspective, why might some people prefer animal products over plant-derived foods?

Higher protein content

What is the purpose of pumping air into the fermenter during the production of insulin?

To provide oxygen for bacteria to respire aerobically

Which waste products are secreted by microorganisms when the nutrient supply diminishes?


Why is Mycoprotein favored in vegan diets?

Due to its protein-rich nature and lack of cholesterol

What process is used to extract antibiotics from the nutrient fluid during penicillin production?


Why are optimal conditions like nutrient levels, temperature, pH, and moisture maintained during insulin production?

To promote rapid bacteria growth

What is the function of modified bacterial DNA carrying the human insulin gene in insulin production?

To synthesize human insulin

Explore the impacts of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on ecosystems, crop yield, and health safety concerns. Learn about how GMOs can disrupt ecosystems, decrease crop yield, and raise health and safety issues like allergenicity and toxicity.

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