Identification and Activity Type of a Person

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What type of activity is the person likely engaged in?


What is the name of the person mentioned in the text?


Where might you expect to find Hardik based on the text?

At the library

What is the last name of Hardik?


Why is it important to avoid asking the existing questions in a classroom setting?

To avoid distracting the students from the learning objectives

What is the primary concern when crafting multiple choice questions?

Avoiding irrelevant material in the stem

Why should the stem of a multiple choice question be negatively stated only when significant learning outcomes require it?

To align with specific learning objectives

What is the purpose of including common student misconceptions in the options of a multiple choice question?

To make all options equally plausible

This quiz tests your ability to identify the name, activity, location, and last name of a person mentioned in a given text.

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