Hydrometeorological Hazards in the Philippines

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What is the primary difference between thunderstorms and typhoons?

The strength of their winds

What triggers the formation of thunderstorms?

Rapid heat and moisture moving upward

Why do lightning and thunder usually occur in the lower portion of clouds?

Because of the presence of negative particles and moisture

What is the primary characteristic of floods?

Water accumulating on a typically dry land

Why are densely populated areas prone to flooding?

Due to their limited spaces and inefficient drainage systems

What can be a result of human activities, leading to flooding?

Improper drainage systems

What should you do to prepare waterways before a storm?

Participate in cleanup activities to clear waterways

Why should you avoid going to open or isolated areas during a storm?

Because you might get separated from your family

What should you bring with you when evacuating?

A 'go-bag' with essential items

Why should you unplug electronics during a storm?

To avoid electrocution

What should you do after a storm?

All of the above

Why should you report damaged utility wires to the authority?

Because they might cause electrocution

What can be determined by observing the direction of a cloud's movement?

The destination of an upcoming typhoon

What is essential to include in a 72-hour survival kit?

A lamp or flashlight with extra batteries

Why is it important to meet with all members of your household before a hydrometeorological hazard?

To make plans for evacuation to higher or safer ground

What should be done to reinforce your house before a hydrometeorological hazard?

Reinforce the roofs, windows, and structural supports or foundations

Why is it important to transfer valuables, appliances, and furniture to higher ground?

To prevent water damage

What can some animals do naturally?

Detect weather disturbances before they happen

What is the term that encompasses natural events that take place in the oceans and in the atmosphere?


What is the area near the equator where trade winds meet?

Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)

Where do tropical cyclones usually begin?

On the surface of the warm northwestern portion of the Pacific Ocean

What is the global phenomenon that affects the formation of cyclones?

Global Wind System

What is the term for the exchange of winds that account for the swirling motion of cyclones?

Trade winds

Why is the Philippines prone to cyclones and typhoons?

Because it lies within the ITCZ

What is the La Niña phenomenon characterized by?

Abnormal cooling of ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific

During El Niño, which region experiences warmer atmospheric temperatures than usual?


What effect do cyclones have during La Niña in the Pacific?

Move the winds westward resulting in excessive rainfall

What is the primary cause of El Niño phenomenon?

Increase in the surface temperatures of the Pacific waters near the equator

Which of the following is a common feature of both El Niño and La Niña?

Abnormal temperature changes in the Equatorial Pacific

What do higher elevated areas and knowledge of geographical directions help with in the context of atmospheric hazards?

Anticipating typhoons and thunderstorms

Explore the various hydrometeorological hazards that the Philippines is prone to, including natural events in oceans and the atmosphere. Learn about the impacts of energy transfer between land surface and the lower atmosphere on communities.

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