Human Resource Management: Training Needs Assessment

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What is the basis of Person Analysis in determining training needs?

Not every employee needs further training for every task performed

What can be indicated by low ratings on a particular dimension of a performance appraisal score?

Employees need additional training in that dimension

What is the primary purpose of surveys in determining training needs?

To ask employees what knowledge and skills they believe should be included in future training

Why are interviews not used as extensively as surveys in determining training needs?

They are more time-consuming

What is the primary benefit of using asynchronous technologies for distance learning?

Employees can complete the training at their own pace and at a time of their choosing

What is the purpose of a skills test or knowledge test in determining training needs?

To determine the knowledge and skills gaps of employees

What is the common approach to determine training needs that involves asking employees about their knowledge and skills?

Surveys and interviews

What percentage of employee training is estimated to be on-the-job training (OJT)?


What is the primary motivator for employees to learn during training?

Perception of incentives like pay raises or job advancements

What is the role of feedback in motivating employees to learn?

Feedback is essential for judging correctness and improving performance

What is a characteristic of effective training programs?

They are relevant, engaging, and use humor and various techniques

What is the primary distinction between synchronous and asynchronous technologies?

The timing of when the training is completed

What is the primary purpose of determining the Return on Investment (ROI) in a training program?

To measure the amount of money saved after accounting for the training cost

What is the process by which individuals decide how to direct their efforts?


What influences the motivation and satisfaction of employees?

The discrepancy between their desired work goals and the job they are in

What is a method to boost motivation in employees?

Assigning specific goals

What do some psychologists suggest about certain employees?

They are more likely to be motivated

What is the fifth criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of a training program?

Business impact

What is the primary benefit of using realistic training programs?

Enhanced training transfer to the actual job

What is overlearning essential for?

Tasks not performed frequently

What is crucial for employees to apply their training on the job?

A supportive organizational climate

What is an effective way to enhance training, according to the text?

Setting goals for employees

What should goals for employees be, according to the text?

Concrete, high enough to be challenging but not impossible

What is the significance of management's role in training transfer?

They create a supportive organizational climate

What type of feedback is controlling?

Negative feedback

What motivates employees according to operant conditioning principles?

Feedback and reinforcement

What is the ratio of effort to reward in equity theory?

Input/output ratio

What type of employees are more motivated?

Those with high self-esteem and high need for achievement

What makes goals most effective?

If they are concrete and specific

What is the purpose of encouraging employees to seek feedback?

To reinforce positive behavior

Learn about the methods used to analyze job requirements, identify training needs, and assess employee performance. This quiz covers the importance of recognizing individual employee needs and evaluating performance ratings.

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