Training Needs Assessment and On-the-Job Training Methods

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What is a primary effect of the downsizing policies and labor shortages of the past two decades?

Temporary Employment

What is the primary purpose of the application form in the selection process?

To determine if the person's KSAs are related to the job

What is the primary criterion for choosing a recruitment method?

All of the above

What is the purpose of the selection process?

To choose the most suitable candidates for a job opening

What is a common selection criterion used to filter and screen candidates?

Experience and education

What is the primary goal of the preliminary interview?

To determine the candidate's interest in the job

What is the purpose of the reference and background check?

To ensure the candidate's trustworthiness and integrity

What is the final stage of the selection process?

Employment contract

What is the primary purpose of the medical examination?

To ensure the candidate's overall health and wellness

What is the primary purpose of the selection decision?

To determine the candidate's suitability for the job

Test your knowledge on Training Needs Assessment (TNA) data gathering techniques and On-the-Job Training (OJT) methods. Learn about job descriptions, appraisal reviews, observation, interviews, and more.

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