History of the Olympics: Ancient Greece to Modern-day

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When did the ancient Olympics originate?

900 BC

Which of the following was NOT one of the events in the ancient Olympics?


Who was responsible for reviving the modern Olympic Games in 1896?

Pierre de Coubertin

What was the main objective behind the revival of the modern Olympics in 1896?

To promote international understanding and peace

How have the modern Olympics evolved since their revival in 1896?

Addition of new sports and more participating countries

Which event marked the debut of women in the Olympic Games during the 1900 Paris Olympics?


What is one of the main objectives of each host city when hosting the Olympic Games?

To leave a lasting legacy of sporting facilities

Where were the most recent Summer Olympics held?

Tokyo, Japan

What do the Olympic Games symbolize among nations?

Unity, friendship, and peace

How did Tokyo manage to deliver the 2020 Summer Olympics despite challenges?

By postponing them due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Explore the rich history of the Olympics from their origins in ancient Greece around 776 BC to the modern-day global extravaganza. Learn about the ancient Olympic Games held every four years in Olympia and how they evolved over time.

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