Health and Wellness in Children and Adolescents

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In which part of the brain does language development peak at 14 years old?

Temporal lobe

What is the consequence of being overweight and obese in children?

Health, social-emotional, and academic problems

What is the ability to understand the relationship between whole and part known as?

Class Inclusion

What is the primary factor that influences selective attention in children?

Neurological maturity

How many inches of height growth can be expected per year in children?

2-3 inches

What is the term for the ability to make judgments about cause and effect?


What is the primary function of the prefrontal cortex in children?

Planning, judgment, and decision-making

Why are girls more likely to be overweight or obese?

They have more fat tissue than boys

What is a common indicator of poor sleep quality in children?


What is the primary reason for the decrease in gray matter volume in late childhood?

Increase in white matter volume

What is the age at which gray matter volume peaks in the frontal lobe?

11 years old

What is the result of decreased sleep quality and daytime sleepiness?

Affected academic performance

Test your knowledge on healthy habits and wellness in children and adolescents, covering topics such as physical growth, nutrition, dental health, and sleep quality.

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