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HCA 301: Healthcare Organization Mission Statement

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What is the primary purpose of defining a mission statement?

To clarify the organization's purpose

Which of the following is an example of a goal?

Hospital-acquired infections will be managed effectively

What is the primary purpose of a vision statement?

To inspire and motivate employees to achieve a desired state of affairs

What is the relationship between goals and objectives?

Goals are statements of outcome, objectives are actions to achieve them

What is the role of values in an organization?

To form a basis for behavior

What is the role of vision statements in organizational functions?

To define the organization's desired future state

What is the relationship between service planning and the strategic plan?

Service planning feeds into the strategic plan of the organization

What is the relationship between a mission statement and a strategic plan?

The strategic plan is based on the mission statement

What is a characteristic of a well-defined goal?

It is specific and measurable

What is the purpose of an organization's mission statement?

To provide a broad, general statement of the organization's reason for existence

What guides the activities of an organization?

The organization's mission and vision

What is the purpose of translating core values into an organization's own words?

To make the values more easily understood by employees

What is the primary goal of healthcare organizations?

To provide a particular mix of health services

What is the role of organizational structure in healthcare organizations?

To guide organizational activities and determine the formal communication system

What influences the development of strategic and service plans in healthcare organizations?

The values and mission of the organization and the vision of its leaders

What is the objective of 'MRSA will be eradicated from Ward 5'?

A strategy to meet the hospital acquired infection objective

What type of systems do organizations consist of?

Social systems

What determines the environment of an organization?

Organizational culture

Test your understanding of a healthcare organization's mission statement and its role in strategic planning. Assess your knowledge of the University of Bahrain's vision and mission statements.

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