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What was the preferred choice for the panel of 10 members when evaluating the conditioning effects of RESISHINE AE 04?

Tresses treated with a serum formulated with Restorative Essence

What percentage of RESILUXE AST-PC-2I was formulated in the shampoo for testing its conditioning effects on damaged hair tresses?


What was the main product type used for testing the conditioning effects of Resil Essensil Sweet Silk on long, damaged hair tresses?


How were the tresses treated with RESISHINE SE 02 for evaluating its conditioning effects on damaged hair?

Shampoo formulated with 2% Resil Essensil Sweet Silk

What was the common size of the panel that evaluated the different products on damaged hair tresses?

10 members

What was a consistent observation about the tresses treated with RESISHINE AE 04, RESILUXE AST-PC-2I, Resil Essensil Sweet Silk, and RESISHINE SE 02 according to the text?

They showed improved conditioning effects.

Test your knowledge on the conditioning effects of hair care products RESISHINE AE 04 and RESILUXE AST-PC-2I. Learn about the results of the testing done on long, damaged hair tresses by a panel of 10 members.

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