Guiding Principles in Understanding Communication Nature

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Which of the following is NOT a principle of ethical communication according to the text?

Avoid responsibility

What does the text state about the relationship between communication and behavior?

Behavior indicates communication

What is a key characteristic of communication?

Communication is inevitable, irreversible, and unrepeatable

What is the purpose of the 'netiquettes' mentioned in the text?

To establish rules of conduct for online communication

Which of the following is NOT a netiquette rule mentioned in the text?

Avoid considering the time and bandwidth of others

What does the text suggest about the role of culture in communication?

Communication is contextual and influenced by culture

What is the term for body language, such as gestures, facial expressions, and posture?

Action Language (Kinesics)

Which type of communication involves the use of material things like clothes and hairstyle to convey messages?

Object Language (Objectives)

In communication, the use of time to send messages is known as:

Time (Chronemics)

Which problem in developing messages is related to having emotional conflicts?

Emotional Conflicts

What is a common problem in receiving messages that is due to physical limitations like poor eyesight?

Physical Distortion

Combining verbal and nonverbal cues, like smiling while greeting, is an example of:

A good style to convey information effectively

Which of the following is NOT a Netiquette rule mentioned in the text?

Be mindful of copyright laws

What is the term used for communication that crosses cultural barriers?

Intercultural Communication

Which of the following is an example of non-material culture?

Values and beliefs

What do 'rituals' refer to in the context of culture?

A collection of activities that hold significance

What is the term used to describe smaller groups within the same parent culture that differ in characteristics?


Which of the following is NOT an example of a 'symbol' in the context of cultural manifestations?


Test your knowledge of the guiding principles in understanding the nature of communication. Topics include schema-based communication, interpretive acts, symbolic communication, and more.

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