Fundamentals of Programming Languages Part 2 Quiz

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Which programming paradigm focuses on describing how a program operates, step by step?

Imperative Programming

In which programming paradigm are functions paramount and can be assigned to variables, passed as arguments, and returned from other functions?

Functional Programming

Which programming paradigm is characterized by hiding complexity and focusing on what result is needed rather than how the computer should execute the task?

Declarative Programming

Which programming paradigm uses objects that encapsulate data in terms of objects instead of depending on functions and logic?

Object Oriented

Which programming paradigm includes a set of detailed instructions given to the computer to execute in a specific order?

Procedural Programming

Which type of programming language is designed for quick and concise programming, often used for automating tasks or enhancing an application’s operating system’s features?

Procedural scripting

Which programming paradigm is based on the concept of “immutability”, ensuring that functions never change the original data or program state?

Functional programming

Which type of programming language focuses on step-by-step instructions for the computer to execute, emphasizing sequence, iteration, and conditionals for task completion?

Procedural scripting

Which programming paradigm emphasizes the organization of code into reusable objects and data structures, with an emphasis on modularity and reusability?

Object-oriented programming

What type of programming language is focused on expressing the logic of a computation without describing its control flow?

Declarative programming

Test your knowledge of programming paradigms, compilation vs interpretation, variable scope, memory management, data structures, and low-level language features with this quiz. Recap and reinforce your understanding of fundamental programming concepts.

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