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What is the primary focus of logical programming?

Emphasizing problem-solving and knowledge base

Which of the following is an example of a functional programming language?


What is the primary focus of database programming?

Data mobility

Study Notes

  • Logical programming emphasizes problem-solving and knowledge base.
  • Prolog is an example of logical programming.
  • Functional programming is based on mathematical functions and independent of language.
  • Data is loosely coupled to functions in functional programming.
  • JavaScript, Haskell, Scala, Erlang, Lisp, ML, and Clojure are examples of functional programming languages.
  • Database/data-driven programming is centered on the mobility of data.
  • SQL is an example of a programming language developed for database applications.
  • Database programming focuses on file creation, data entry, update, query, and reporting tasks.
  • SQL is used for filtering, manipulating, aggregating, and calling other programs.
  • SQL has several applications.

Test your knowledge on programming paradigms with this quiz! From logical programming to functional programming and database programming, this quiz covers key concepts and languages such as Prolog, JavaScript, SQL, and more. Sharpen your skills and learn more about the different programming approaches with this informative and engaging quiz.

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