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Fertilization Process: From Sperm to Zygote

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What is the term for the fertilized cell that contains half of the genetic material from the mother and half from the father?


What percentage of sperm are killed due to acidity during fertilization?


What is the process by which a sperm penetrates the layers surrounding the oocyte?

Acrosomal reaction

What is the term for the formation of an impenetrable barrier that prevents multiple sperm from fertilizing the oocyte?

Fertilization membrane

What is the term for the type of twins that form when a single fertilized egg splits in two?

Identical twins

What is the term for the hormone released during implantation to maintain the corpus luteum?


Test your knowledge on the process of fertilization, from how sperm combine with oocytes to form a zygote, to the obstacles they face along the way. Learn about the journey of sperm and how they survive to create a new cell with genetic material from both parents.

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