Exploring the Latitudinal Gradient in Species Diversity

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Which latitudinal range is known to have the highest species diversity?

23.5° N to 23.5° S

What is the approximate number of bird species found in Colombia?


Which region has up to 10 times as many species of vascular plants as a temperate region like the Midwest of the USA?

A tropical region like Equador

Which of the following hypotheses proposes that tropical latitudes have had a longer evolutionary time for species diversification compared to temperate regions?

Speciation is generally a function of time

Which of the following factors contributes to greater species diversity in tropical environments according to the hypotheses?

Relatively constant and predictable environments

What does the hypothesis propose about the relationship between solar energy availability and species diversity in the tropics?

Solar energy availability indirectly contributes to greater diversity

Test your knowledge on the latitudinal gradient in species diversity with this quiz! Explore the uneven distribution of plants and animals across the world and learn about the patterns and exceptions to the general trend. Discover how species diversity changes as we move from the equator towards the poles.

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