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What type of glands have multiple ducts, each with several sacs-like secretory portions?

Compound acinar glands

Which type of secretion involves the release of secretory products by exocytosis?

Merocrine secretion

What type of connective tissue primarily consists of collagen fibers and a few elastic fibers?

Areolar connective tissue

Which cells form fibrous connective tissue?


What type of secretion involves the shedding of entire cells?

Holocrine secretion

Which cells in connective tissue release chemicals to promote inflammation?

Mast cells

Which type of gland has ducts that secrete substances onto an epithelial surface?

Exocrine glands

What is the function of osteoblasts in connective tissue?

Production of new bone matrix

Which type of connective tissue cell is responsible for the production of collagen fibers?


What do exocrine glands secrete into the body?


In connective tissue, which cell type is involved in immune response by releasing histamine?

Mast cells

Which characterizes the secretion process of exocrine glands?

Secretion onto an epithelial surface via ducts

What is the location of adipocytes in the human body?

Mammary gland

Which type of protein fibers can return to their original shape after being stretched or compressed?

Elastic fibers

Where is dense irregular connective tissue located in the human body?


Which connective tissue type has relatively few protein fibers and numerous spaces filled with ground substance?

Loose connective tissue

What is the primary function of reticular connective tissue?

Production of lymphocytes

Where can dense regular elastic connective tissue be predominantly found?

Vocal cords

Test your knowledge on the structure and secretion types of exocrine glands. Learn about compound acinar and compound tubuloacinar glands, along with merocrine, apocrine, and holocrine secretions.

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