Ethics of Care Theory and Tronto's Five Phases of Caring

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According to Tronto's definition, the Ethics of Care is characterized as:

A practice and disposition focused on recognizing and meeting caring needs

How many phases are involved in the process of caring, according to the text?

5 phases

How does the Ethics of Care differ from traditional moral theories such as utilitarianism and deontology?

It is more context-based and concrete, emphasizing the notion of vulnerability

According to the text, what does the double vulnerability in malnourished patients involve?

Alterity of the malnourished body and loss of autonomy

Based on the understanding of human beings as vulnerable and interdependent relational, what is emphasized in the Ethics of Care?

Importance of specific attitudes and skills necessary for effective caring

According to the text, why is nutrition considered an ethical requirement for doctors and health care professionals?

To demonstrate their competence and responsibility

What is considered an ethical value in the context of nutritional care according to the text?


In the context of nutritional therapy, what does exercising 'competence' as an ethical value entail?

Following through with enough competence and adequate skill

According to the text, what is a key consideration highlighted by the Ethics of Care in the context of nutritional therapy?

Taking care of someone who is suffering from a pathological condition

What does the text imply about the ethical decision-making regarding nutritional therapy for a patient?

The best decision for the patient may include the decision not to feed under certain circumstances

Explore the key concepts of the Ethics of Care normative theory and Tronto's five phases of caring in this quiz. Test your understanding of recognizing, taking responsibility, providing, evaluating, and ensuring democratic commitments in the caring process.

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