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What is the focus of ethical marketing?

Balancing the promotion of social or environmental benefits with customer benefits

What is the expectation from advertisers, according to the passage?

To act responsibly and take ethical responsibility seriously

What is the conclusion about the relationship between ethical responsibility and some companies?

Some companies prioritize ethical responsibility more than others

What can be inferred about the impact of a growing demand for ethically-sourced goods and services?

It has resulted in a rise in ethical marketing

According to the passage, what is the expectation from sneaker ads?

To exaggerate the truth about their products' effects

Study Notes

Ethical Concerns in Advertising

  • Advertisements can be harmful, sending wrong messages, making false claims, or promoting unhealthy habits.

Misleading Messages in Advertisements

  • Advertisements can imply messages through images or celebrity endorsements.
  • Examples include ads featuring famous athletes promoting junk food, suggesting that consumers can be like them by buying the product.
  • These ads send mixed messages, prioritizing sports and physical fitness over healthy diets, and often omitting nutritional information.

Misleading Statistics and Claims

  • Statistics and scientific claims in ads can be convincing, but may not be as impressive as they seem.
  • Examples include:
    • Survey results, such as "9 out of 10 people prefer our brand," which may be based on small, biased sample sizes (e.g., only 50 people surveyed).
    • Vague claims like "dermatologically tested," which only means the product was tested on human skin, but does not guarantee its effectiveness.
  • Some acne creams were found to make false claims, such as "reduced spots," when they did not actually do so.

Test your knowledge on ethical and unethical practices in marketing, including false claims, misleading messages, and unhealthy promotions. Explore the implications of advertisements and the messages they convey through images and celebrity endorsements.

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