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What is the main difference between covering epithelia and glandular epithelia?

Covering epithelia cover or line surfaces, while glandular epithelia are adapted for secretion.

How are exocrine glands formed from covering epithelia?

By maintaining a connection with the surface epithelium.

Where do endocrine glands release their secretory product?

Outside the cell, picked up by blood vessels.

How are the cells of endocrine glands arranged?

In cords or follicles with lumens for storing secretions.

How are glands classified according to the text?

By structure, nature of secretion, and location.

What determines whether a gland becomes an exocrine or an endocrine gland?

The presence or absence of connections to surface epithelium.

Which type of gland discharges secretions into the intercellular fluid?

Endocrine glands

What is the major function of hormones secreted by endocrine glands?

Regulation of body functions

In which type of endocrine glandular cell arrangement are cells stored intracellularly?

Cord and clump type

Which gland is an example of a Follicular type endocrine glandular cell arrangement?

Thyroid gland

Which type of glands secrete their products onto a free surface?

Sebaceous glands

How are exocrine glands classified based on the number of ducts?

Simple (unbranched, single duct) and Complex (branched, multiple ducts)

Test your knowledge on the classification of epithelial tissues into covering (or lining) and secretory (glandular) types. Understand the characteristics of glandular epithelium and their role in secretion within the body.

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