Epithelial Tissues Classification and Structure

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What are the main components of epithelial tissue?

Mainly cells with little intercellular substance

Where do the cells of epithelial tissue lie?

On a basement membrane

What is a characteristic of epithelial tissue in terms of blood vessels?

No blood vessels enter in between the cells (Avascular)

Which type of epithelium performs secretory functions?

Glandular epithelium

Where do the cells of covering epithelium and lining epithelium lie?

On a basement membrane

This quiz covers the classification of epithelial tissues, characteristics, different types of covering epithelium, glandular epithelium classification, comparison between mucous and serous acinus, apical specializations, and lateral cell specialization. It is based on the content from pages 73-98 of the book by Prof. Dr. Noha A Makhlouf.

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