English Colonization and the Spanish Armada

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What was the primary reason for Spain's attempt to invade England in 1588?

To take revenge for the English challenge to Spanish colonial holdings

What was the result of the English population growth following the Bubonic Plague?

A significant increase in the population

What was the primary motivation for the enclosure movement?

To expand the wool trade and use new agricultural technologies

What was the consequence of the enclosure movement for small farmers?

They were evicted and their common areas were enclosed

What was the English view of economic dependence?

It was a lack of freedom

What was the primary reason for people emigrating from England to the New World?

To seek economic opportunities

What was the quote from John Smith about labor and land?

Every man may be the master and owner of his own labor and land

What was the characterization of America from its earliest years?

A land of opportunity

Study Notes

England's Competition with Catholic Spain

  • England repelled the Spanish Armada's invasion in 1588
  • England sought to challenge Spanish colonial holdings in the Americas and "liberate" the New World from Catholicism and the Pope

Population Growth and Land Availability

  • England's population grew by one million over a 50-year span following the Bubonic Plague
  • The enclosure movement led to landlords evicting small farmers to raise sheep and implement new agricultural technologies like crop rotation
  • Common areas were "enclosed" off, leading to an increase in unemployed, homeless, and vagabonds

Economic Dependence and Freedom

  • English law required people to accept jobs and work
  • The English viewed economic dependence as a lack of freedom
  • People who controlled their own labor and land were considered truly free, as stated by John Smith: "Every man may be the master and owner of his own labor and land."

America as a "Land of Opportunity"

  • Despite difficult conditions in the New World (disease, Indians, establishing new settlements), many people emigrated from England due to poor economic conditions
  • America was seen as a "land of opportunity" from its earliest years

Learn about the reasons behind England's colonization of the Americas, including the failed Spanish Armada invasion, population growth, and the enclosure movement. Understand how England sought to challenge Spain's colonial holdings and 'liberate' the New World from Catholicism.

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