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How many monthly contributions to the SSS must a female employee have in the twelve-month period preceding the semester of childbirth to qualify for maternity leave?

Exactly three (3)

When should a female employee notify her employer of her pregnancy and the probable date of her childbirth?

During the semester of childbirth

For what reasons can a female employee avail maternity leave?

For any instance of pregnancy, miscarriage, or emergency termination of pregnancy

What does paternity leave refer to?

Paid leave for supporting a lawful wife during her recovery or nursing their newborn child

Who is eligible for paternity leave?

All married male employees, regardless of employment status

How many days of full pay are male employees granted during paternity leave?

Seven (7) days

Does the frequency of availing maternity leave impact eligibility?

No, it can be availed multiple times.

What does paternity leave provide support for?

Supporting lawful wife in recovery or nursing their newborn child.

What is the requirement for a male employee to apply for paternity leave?

Must apply within a reasonable period from the expected date of delivery by his pregnant spouse

In case of miscarriage, what is the requirement for a male employee to avail paternity leave?

No need to apply for leave

What is the meaning of 'cohabiting' regarding paternity leave benefits?

Obligation of the husband and wife to live together

How many deliveries does the paternity leave benefit typically apply to?

First four deliveries

What is the purpose of parental leave for qualified solo parents?

To perform parental duties and responsibilities where physical presence is required or beneficial to the child

Who is eligible for parental leave according to the text?

Employees who are qualified solo parents

What does 'sole parental care' refer to in the context of solo parents?

One parent taking full responsibility for the child or children

When is physical presence required or beneficial for a parent on parental leave?

When performing parental duties and responsibilities

'Parental leave' is granted to enable which of the following according to the text?

'Parental leave' is granted for performance of parental duties and responsibilities where physical presence is required or beneficial to the child

What determines the number of deliveries for which paternity leave benefits apply?

The lawful wife's delivery with whom the employee is cohabiting.

Test your knowledge on different employment classifications and the list of regular holidays for the year 2023. Includes field personnel, contract-based employees, commission-based workers, and fixed-amount workers. Get ready to challenge yourself with this quiz!

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