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What is the primary function of governance according to the Birmingham City Council definition?

Steer direction and management

Which organization defines governance as the way power is exercised in managing a country's social and economic resources for development?


In what context does governance have applications according to the text?

Multiple contexts including political, social, economic, and environmental

How does understanding the multifaceted nature of governance help policymakers?

By addressing contemporary challenges holistically

Which organization is NOT mentioned as having different philosophies and indicators of Good Governance?


According to UNDP, what is governance primarily focused on?

Enforcing sound policies

What aspect of governance does the ADB emphasize in their definition?

Quality of institutions

How does governance extend beyond traditional government structures?

By encompassing multiple contexts like global and corporate governance

What is NOT a key aspect mentioned in relation to good governance by various organizations?

Steering direction efficiently

How does governance help mediate differences according to UNDP?

By implementing sound policies inclusively

Test your knowledge on common elements of good governance such as accountability, transparency, and participation as outlined in literature from various organizations.

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